The Empress shared a glimpse of childhood. Did you know she was part of the first known Latin gang in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

Ashlei from Shades of Blue and Green posted on Mommypants about her friend’s terminal illness.

Kludgy Mom said “Screw the man cave.” Then Mama Kat asked where her man cave was.

Tulpen  wrote Another Goodbye Story that made my eyes water a bit.

Surely you’re heard of Anissa Mahew, the editor of Aiming Low. I loved her post, “not all trolls live under bridges”.

Amanda of It’s Blogworthy talked about the difficulties of breastfeeding and how her Burger Buddies on Twitter helped her out.

KLZ explained Alexa rankings and told us how to improve ours.

I loved June Cleaver’s response to MamaKat’s prompts.

Aunt Bethany at Miracle on 32nd Street told us why she could never be friends with a snowman.

If any of you are thinking about taking my advice to write a screenplay here’s a tip from Lauren at Think Spin. “There’s a website we’re using called The free version allows one private project, which can only be accessed by the people you invite. All subscribers control the rights.”

Here’s a comment that made me laugh:

“You guys were like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, only you were The Sisterhood of  the Traveling Smutty Astrology book!” – Sandra from Absolutely Narcissism in response to my post, The Age of Ophiuchus. (Does anyone know how to pronounce that?)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I’ll be playing Domestic Goddess all weekend complete with an apron and a sewing machine.

Or I may spend  it wearing yoga pants and reading.



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